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Morten B. Masri

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Morten B.Masri, Denmark

Morten B. Masri (b. 1977) lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark. He graduated from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in 2014.


Masri’s work is about potential experiences - that which is not, but might be. His paintings seek to embody the poetic, intuitive and silent field that exists between man and the world. As a material state of presence. While weaving together intimate personal and collective history and myth, Masri’s work revolves around universal themes such as the nature of time and memory rendered palpable through the process of paint. References and appropriations in his art are multifaceted, but he accepts tradition rather than rejecting it.


Masri himself talks of a position left open, of constant levels of insecurity and of a continued interest in the dialectic between the incomprehensible and the attempt to comprehend. According to Masri, the process of painting is about the loss of meaning – but also about its re-emergence through experience; the physical experience of the work itself. The painter moves around to keep things together; moves the paint, moves intentions, moves around the fragments of narrative and figuration on the canvas in search of “something else”. It is a continuous negotiation of a “common language” between painter and painting.


Thus, Masri’s paintings are in a perpetual state of becoming and evolving as fragmented, poetic and organic bricolages of his own experience of the world. The result is an unexpected consolidation between static constructions and vivid pictorial spaces that expresses the artist’s idiosyncratic universe, while utilizing art’s ability to provoke the viewer’s perception of the world. In this way, Masri’s paintings are meditations on composition and decomposition; on form and formlessness; on the distance between unfathomable beauty and the abyss.


By shifting between pictorial genres and depicting highly traditional motifs such as vivid sceneries and still lifes in unusual ways, Masri’s works continue to offer an intriguing complexity in their mission to capture a world within painting, a fragment of a sentiment, the transient effect of light, the essence of an atmosphere.  Or perhaps just an emotion.


Morten B. Masri's work has been exhibited in a number of acclaimed institutions: in the Dalian Art Museum in China; at Viborg Kunsthal, Denmark; with Copenhagen's Kunsthal Charlottenborg and at Volta, Basel to name a few.



Leaving Paintings, 2018:





Selected works:


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