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Anders SCRMN Meisner (b. 1981) is a Danish artist, currently living and working in Copenhagen after having lived in various European countries throughout the last decade.

His body of work communicates mainly through high-scaled chromatic paintings as well as meticulous pen drawings and layered collages. His works depict a collection of symbols which blend, duplicate, and overlap in between paint and crayons. 

SCRMN’s lifelong interest in history and science drives him to explore the scenery behind colonialism, religion and human travels to an unforeseen, yet instinctive dark future.



This journey begins by using antique papers and drawings of nature, portraits and anatomy which he alters with a tint of humour. These pieces of tangible history represent a way of understanding symbols and their grounding, presenting his expression from within a historic platform. 

SCRMN has exhibited at Forårsudstillingen, Charlottenborg and KE (Kunstnernes Efterårsudstilling), Den Frie Udstillingsbygning and with Hans Alf Gallery at Scope Art Fairs.




To see the complete series of 'Smalls' created for the Limited Edition book of the same name, follow these links: SMALLS ISMALLS IISMALLS III



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