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Christian Lemmerz was born in 1959 in Karlsruhe, Germany. He was trained at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Denmark 1982-1986 and was a part of ‘Værkstedet Værst’ 1982-84 and ‘Performancegruppen Værst’ from 1985 onwards.

Christian Lemmerz’ span is extensive and pluralistic. Regardless of the material, whether it be sculpture in marble or rigorous drawing, his works can generally be characterized as aesthetics of effect. The artworks grasp out and clutch into the surroundings and call for more than merely contemplation.

There are only a few themes and taboos that are not turned upside down in the Lemmerzian universe, which stretches between phenomenological philosophy and focal points such as suffering and death.

Lemmerz has pointed out that art has to take effect in the manner of a provocative confrontation. However, as he maintains, art also has to do with experience. And sculptures are particularly suitable for establishing a confrontational and experience-exchanging situation. In such a situation, the sculpture connects with the perceiving body. Instead of being a distanced onlooker, the viewer becomes an active participant, who gets moved in one direction or another.

Lemmerz has exhibited in Denmark e.g. at ARoS, Statens Museum for Kunst and in Cisternerne and widely abroad, e.g. Stavanger Art Museum, Norway and Leo Koenig Inc., New York, USA.





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