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Tuesday, 30 November 2021 16:00

Louise Hindsgavl: The World Ajar

Louise Hindsgavl: The World Ajar

03.12.2021 - 08.01.2021


Friday December 3rd, Hans Alf Gallery invites everyone to join the opening of the last two exhibitions of the year: Louise Hindsgavl’s “The World Ajar” in the main gallery and Anders Brinch’s “Café Malmø” in our project room.


The World Ajar: The world as a jar with its lit half open; a play on words.


When the world is ajar, something is let in, and something is released. Louise Hindsgavl’s jars let you inside (if you dare), tell you secrets from a world, we all know too well, and show you a side of humanity, we all both intuitively recognize and are appalled by.


In her new show, Louise Hindsgavl has decided to abandon porcelain for a while to devote herself to the capricious charm of stoneware. And if you’ve ever questioned the acclaimed ceramicists mastery of the clay, you won’t once you’ve seen her new works in real life. Hindsgavl’s glaze-work is encaptivating and dramatic, her jars rise from the pedestals as if they were actual sentient beings, and the artist’s familiar imagery stands out even more in this coarse material.


The jar has been a cherished ceramic object since the dawn of time – for storing and as a work of art. A rotating canvas, on which the story follows the shape of the jar, begins where it ends, and allows itself to be divided into tableaus, when the eyes embark on the circular journey. Hindsgavl’s jars are massive, heavy, and colorful, and her stories are grotesque and painful. It seems as though the raw and tactile modelling in combination with the untamed glaze helps emphasize a feeling of ferocity that has always been present in the artist’s works. We know the tension from her seemingly virginal porcelain pieces that always hide violent and perverted scenes in the details. But in her colorful stoneware, the white vail of the porcelain has been pulled away, and everything obscene, entertaining, and titillating is allowed to stand out in all its grotesque magnitude.


Still, the underlying theme is the same: What lurks beneath the surface? What disruption and downfall lies ahead? Instead of the material itself – the porcelain – being the vessel of mystery, it is now the form that triggers our curiosity. What hides beneath the tormented masks? How do we find a way into the jar? The window to the world is slightly ajar. Look in. Or look out. The choice is your.




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Wednesday, 30 June 2021 10:44

The Summer Show

The Summer Show

02.07.2021 - 31.07.2021


As a tribute to all the brilliant artists that Hans Alf Gallery represents, we have put together a special summer exhibition showcasing works by each of the 18 artists currently on our roster.


During the month of July, Hans Alf Gallery will be open Fridays, 12-17, and Saturdays, 11-16, only.




Exhibition view:




Works in the exhibition:



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Tuesday, 19 January 2021 12:41

The Great Big Winter Show

The Great Big Winter Show

22.01.2021 - 27.02.2021


Hans Alf Gallery kicks off the 2021 season with a bang, as 11 of it's represented artists showcase new works in what has been appropriately dubbed "The Great Big Winter Show". The participating artists are: Armin Boehm, Erik A. Frandsen, Christian Lemmerz, Mie Olise Kjærgaard, Anders SCRMN Meisner, Louise Hindsgavl, Fredrik Raddum, Henrik Saxgren, Magnus Fisker, Anders Brinch and Anne Torpe.


Due to the current restrictions on physical commerce, The Great Big Winter Show will initially only be open online. Come February, we hope to be able to once again welcome visitors in the gallery.




Exhibition view:



Wednesday, 26 September 2018 15:43

Louise Hindsgavl: Fixed Ideas

Louise Hindsgavl: Fixed Ideas

24.02.17 - 01.04.17


In her first solo exhibition with Hans Alf Gallery, Louise Hindsgavl continues her exploration of the rapport between porcelain and metal; something that was heralded in 2016 with the critically acclaimed “Overtryk” in Trapholt.


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Tuesday, 19 April 2016 14:16

Louise Hindsgavl




Louise Hindsgavl (b. 1973) graduated from Design School Kolding in 1999, where she studied at the Department of Ceramics and Glass. She is considered one of the most influential artists working with porcelain in Denmark today.

Though predominantly white, Hindsgavl’s works tend to subvert any preconceived notions of porcelain as mere decoration or tableware through their subject matter, often imbued with a thematic darkness.

In her subject matter she draws on mythology and fables as she delves into the unheimlich realms of human behaviour resulting in disquieting scenarios and monstrous creatures. Spanning from tiny figurines to large scale installations, the works come across as sometimes innocent and sometimes distinctly ominous – but always immensely attractive.


Louise Hindsgavl has exhibited widely in Denmark and abroad, and her works have entered into leading museum collections as well as been acquired by important art institutions, among them New Carlsberg Foundation, The Danish Arts Foundation, Victoria & Albert Museum in London, and The National Museum of Sweden in Stockholm.

Among several prizes she boasts The Prince Eugen Medal of “Artistic Excellence” awarded to her by the Swedish Royal Court in 2015.




The World Ajar, 2021:






Available works:





Selected Works:


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