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Tuesday, 19 January 2021 12:41

The Great Big Winter Show

The Great Big Winter Show

22.01.2021 - 27.02.2021


Hans Alf Gallery kicks off the 2021 season with a bang, as 11 of it's represented artists showcase new works in what has been appropriately dubbed "The Great Big Winter Show". The participating artists are: Armin Boehm, Erik A. Frandsen, Christian Lemmerz, Mie Olise Kjærgaard, Anders SCRMN Meisner, Louise Hindsgavl, Fredrik Raddum, Henrik Saxgren, Magnus Fisker, Anders Brinch and Anne Torpe.


Due to the current restrictions on physical commerce, The Great Big Winter Show will initially only be open online. Come February, we hope to be able to once again welcome visitors in the gallery.




Exhibition view:



Wednesday, 27 May 2020 11:44

Mie Olise Kjærgaard: Hysteria

Mie Olise Kjærgaard: Hysteria

29.05.2020 - 27.06.2020


Friday May 29th, Hans Alf Gallery invites everyone to celebrate the opening of Mie Olise Kjærgaard’s new show “Hysteria” in our main gallery.


In “Hysteria”, the audience is welcomed into a postapocalyptic utopia, where woman have finally gained the power and respect, they deserve. In a series of imposing and colorful paintings, Kjærgaard portrays the archetype of the strong and silent woman, who has been overlooked, oppressed and disenfranchised throughout history, but who is in fact – according to the artist – the backbone of every society.


Kjærgaard herself sees “Hysteria” as a natural continuation of “News from Nowhere” from 2018, where through a comprehensive series of cityscapes and tableaus she depicted life in a fictional, matriarchal metropolis called “Moirania”. In “Hysteria”, the highly versatile painter zeroes in on the women, who make up everyday life in Moirania. They play tennis, they bike, they work, they form picket lines and move about by horseback – all with the same, stern and impenetrable gaze towards the viewer, who is left almost embarrassed.


“Hysteria” shows a brand-new side to Mie Olise Kjærgaard, and the show represents an indisputable quantum leap in her artistic practice. After an energetic (and refreshing) foray into what is generally referred to as “bad painting”, Kjærgaard’s new body of work is a masterly demonstration of her technique and coloristic ability. A delight to the eye and a call for contemplation.


Art historian and curator, Christina Wilson, writes the following about the show:


"In a world, where women must still fight for equality, be it in arts or boardrooms, Kjærgaard borrows the title of her show from the Greek “hystereraos”, which is an obsolete medical term meaning uterus. Throughout history, women have been said to be hysterical, whenever they exhibited dramatic, attention seeking or theatrical behaviour. Critical, female psychoanalysts have pointed out that hysterical symptoms ought to be perceived as valves for the oppression of the free expression of women."


"Mie Olise Kjærgaard operates on multiple levels in her works. Her dreams of a new social order run in parallel with the notion of timelessness. With her staunch, energetic women, she wants to rebel against the infamous male gaze, of which film critic Laura Mulvey wrote in her 1975 essay “Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema”. That specific male gaze, which maintains and perpetuates women as sexualized beings, confined in the picture frame as scintillating odalisques or sacred madonnas."


"In HYSTERIA, Kjærgaard has chosen to show us fierce, emancipated women, because even though we claim that equality is a Danish core value, power is still unevenly distributed among the two genders."


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Friday, 18 October 2019 13:49

Mie Olise Kjærgaard: Absolute Beginners

Mie Olise Kjærgaard: Absolute Beginners

20.09.19 - 19.10.2019


Over the course of less than a year, Mie Olise Kjærgaard’s career has seen many significant highlights. During her last exhibition, “News From Nowhere”, which was her first Danish gallery solo in nearly a decade, The New Carlsberg Foundation acquired the main artwork of the show (‘The Woman with the Three-Eyed Hat and Her Son’) as well as several ceramic sculptures. In April 2019, represented by Hans Alf Gallery, Kjærgaard participated in Stockholm’s Market Art Fair with an immersive installation featuring paintings, ceramics and a large wooden construction created on site. And in October 2019, Kjærgaard embarks on another American adventure, when her show “Ambiguous Aggregations” opens with Barbara Davis Gallery in Houston.


Before this, Hans Alf Gallery has the pleasure of showcasing a smaller Kjærgaard installation in the gallery project space running parallel to Frank Fischer’s “Leaving London”.


In her new exhibition, “Absolute Beginners”, Kjærgaard continues the work on her utopian metropolis ‘Moirania’, which also served as the focal point in her previous exhibition “News From Nowhere” and her presentation at Market. Kjærgaard has continued to develop and work on the imagery and visions of ‘Moirania’, which in themselves have become increasingly iconographic.


As in Kjærgaard’s presentation at Market Art Fair, the ceramic sculptures occupy a central role. Unlike many of her contemporaries, Kjærgaard has insisted on turning her own pottery. This strenuous and laboursome work has resulted in a group of fantastically personal ceramic works, which, alongside a handful of larger paintings and a series of smaller ones, constitute the backbone of an interesting and thought-provoking vision of a different, more harmonious future.




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Wednesday, 26 September 2018 12:21

Mie Olise Kjærgaard: News From Nowhere

Mie Olise Kjærgaard: News From Nowhere

03.08.18 - 08.09.2018


Throughout the last decade, Kjærgaard’s work has been concerned with neglected constructions and the notion of Dystopian societies. Because of this, she has spent much time visiting places affected by untamed decay, such as the deserted Russian mining town Pyramiden located by the Arctic Circle and the abandoned amusement park Spreepark in Berlin. Through architectural constructions and urban fiction, Kjærgaard examines the consequences caused by the dreams and desires of a Utopian society.


In her exhibition News From Nowhere, Kjærgaard has constructed an enormous map of the fictional town of MOIRANIA, where Babylonian city walls encircle the scenery. Instead of streets, canals run in and out of one another and pave the way for new canals as well as new courtyards through immense arches in a labyrinthine universe. The walls are embellished with horses, dogs and ornaments, and through the surface of the water, palm trees and bushes arise. Humans and animals alike sail the city in boats carrying designer bags for their belongings.


The Moiranians live in houses elevated into the trees by poles. There are horse race courses and swimming pools, and the roofs are used as tracks for bike racing and new layers of residence. Outside the town walls, the gates open into a big jungle also with habitation distributed around the tree tops. Laundry lines dangle between the trees, and the houses are connected by suspension bridges hanging above the water where boats are moored.


The map is an instrument that Kjærgaard uses as her program and archive in the creation of her exhibition. News From Nowhere consists of a number of paintings that can be seen as situations from Moirania. A big wooden construction, which works as a piece of furniture for several sculptures, is also a part of the exhibition. This construction was build from Kjærgaard’s own studio storage unit, but for the purpose of this exhibition, it has been assembled in an entirely new way. This is a reference to the survival strategies of Moirania, whose inhabitants utilize already existing and available objects to construct what they need.


A central Moiranian character is the woman with the three-eyed hat, who rows or bikes around with a child. There are horses and dogs, who act as subjects on equal terms as the humans. A hierarchy and a scenario, which can both be a dream of a society or a Dystopia, is being hinted, which suggests a reinterpretation of William Morris´ forward-thinking utopia “News From Nowhere” from 1890.


The town is partly inspired by Kjærgaard´s own trips to the Arctic Circle; partly by Venezuela; partly by the movie-set behind Babylon from D.W. Griffith´s "Intolerance" from 1917.





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Friday, 25 August 2017 14:11

Mie Olise Kjærgaard


Mie Olise Kjærgaard (b. 1974) works in painting, sculptural objects and installation. Since graduating in 2008 with a Master in Fine Art, her work has focused on the theme of man-made constructions. Through her paintings, Olise investigates both the nature of the architectural construction as well as how a construction describes the society, it is a part of.


In her latest work, Olise Kjærgaard has investigated modern ruins in Latin America, and how these contemporary ruins are deserted and occupied again; in horisontal layers with new architectural strategies – very different from the original ideas about function and appearance. This project has been exhibited at Museo de Arte Acarigua in Venezuela under the title ”Discontinued Monuments”.
In architectural terms, breaking with the initial intention and purpose of a construction is dubbed a ”dishonest construction” – this is what Kjærgaard addresses in her most recent works.

Kjærgaard has travelled to societies in different stages of disrepair: twice to the Arctic Circle, to investigate an abandoned Russian mine town, The Pyramid; and to New Foundland in the tracks of the writer/character Espen Arnakke, which was the topic of the solo show at Kunsthalle Nikolaj (DK) in 2012.

Kjærgaard has exhibited at UMOCA – Utah Museum of Contemporary Art, MFAH – Museum of Fine Art Houston, MAAA – Museo de Arte Acarigua, Venezuela; Nikolaj Kunsthal (DK), SNYK – Skive New Museum of Art, (DK), Torrance Art Museum in LA; Barbara Davis Gallery, Houston Texas; Honor Fraser, LA; Samuel Freeman, LA; Duve Berlin and Galleri Kant in Copenhagen.

Kjærgaard holds an MFA from Central St. Martins in London and a Master in Architecture from Aarch, Aarhus(DK)//The Bartlett, UCL, London (UK). In recent years, she has been based simultaneously in London, New York and Copenhagen; travelling to residencies in Iceland, Berlin and Skowhegan, Maine.
















Selected works:




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