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Saturday, 17 May 2014 12:44

Art brokerage

Welcome to the art brokerage section of our website. This is where you'll find art by artists we do not normally represent, but whose work has been commisioned to us by private collectors or acquired by the gallery. For further enquiries about the pieces presented here, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Monday, 24 February 2014 18:37

Christian Lemmerz


Christian Lemmerz was born in 1959 in Karlsruhe, Germany. He was trained at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Denmark 1982-1986 and was a part of ‘Værkstedet Værst’ 1982-84 and ‘Performancegruppen Værst’ from 1985 onwards.

Christian Lemmerz’ span is extensive and pluralistic. Regardless of the material, whether it be sculpture in marble or rigorous drawing, his works can generally be characterized as aesthetics of effect. The artworks grasp out and clutch into the surroundings and call for more than merely contemplation.

There are only a few themes and taboos that are not turned upside down in the Lemmerzian universe, which stretches between phenomenological philosophy and focal points such as suffering and death.

Lemmerz has pointed out that art has to take effect in the manner of a provocative confrontation. However, as he maintains, art also has to do with experience. And sculptures are particularly suitable for establishing a confrontational and experience-exchanging situation. In such a situation, the sculpture connects with the perceiving body. Instead of being a distanced onlooker, the viewer becomes an active participant, who gets moved in one direction or another.

Lemmerz has exhibited in Denmark e.g. at ARoS, Statens Museum for Kunst and in Cisternerne and widely abroad, e.g. Stavanger Art Museum, Norway and Leo Koenig Inc., New York, USA.





Available works:



Large works on paper or canvas:



Smaller works on paper or canvas:


Large sculptures:


Smaller sculptures:







Selected Works:



Friday, 21 February 2014 08:57

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Recent and coming activities:



The Great Big Winter Show #2 - Opening January 14, 17-20

Mie Olise Kjærgaard - Main gallery solo - Opening February 25, 17-20

Jørgen Haugen Sørensen - Main gallery solo - Opening April 1, 17-20

ART HERNING 2022 - 06.05.22 - 08.05.22 

Natasha Kissell - The Swimming Pool - Opening May 20, 17-20

Magnus Fisker - Main gallery solo - Opening June 17, 17-20


Summer group show - 16.07.22 - 06.08.22 - During this period, the gallery will be open Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays only


Anders SCRMN Meisner - Main gallery solo - Opening August 12, 17-20

Frank Fischer - Project room solo - Opening August 12, 17-20

ENTER ART FAIR 2022 - 25.08.22 - 28.08.22

Morten Schelde - Main gallery solo - Opening September 16, 17-20

Anne Torpe - Project room solo - Opening September 16, 17-20

Fredrik Raddum - Main gallery solo - Opening October 28, 17-20

Ralf Kokke - Main gallery solo - Opening December 2, 17-20




à 09.01.21: Morten Schelde: Ocean of Time

The Great Big Winter Show - Opening January 15, 17-20

Adam Parker Smith - Flight of Fancy - Opening March 12

Ralf Kokke - Between a Rock and a Hard Place (Project room) Opening March 12

Anders Brinch - Le Jardin (Under the Moon) - Opening April 23, 17-20

Henrik Saxgren - En Linje i Verden (Project Room) Opening and book release May 6, 16-19

Armin Boehm - Nachtcafé (Pas d'assurance pour la nuit) - Opening May 28, 17-20

Magnus Fisker - Let's swim in this river of pain and joy (Project room) - Opening May 28, 17-20

Summer group show - 03.07.21 - 07.08.21 - During this period, the gallery will be open Fridays and Saturdays only


Erik A. Frandsen - Duerne fra Rom (The Pigeons of Rome) - Opening August 13, 17-20

ENTER ART FAIR, Copenhagen: 26.08.21 - 29.08.21

MARKET ART FAIR, Stockholm: 16.09.21 - 19.09.21 

Anne Torpe - Linear Disruptions - Opening September 24, 17-20

Christian Lemmerz - Opening October 29, 17-20

Louise Hindsgavl - The World Ajar - Opening December 3, 17-20

Anders Brinch - Café Malmø (project room) - Opening December 3, 17-20



à 25.01.20: Christian Lemmerz

ART HERNING: 24.01.20 - 26.01.20 

Andreas Schulenburg - Whistleblow - Opening January 31, 17-20

Anders SCRMN Meisner - Angel - Opening March 6, 17-20

Erik A. Frandsen - Karantænebilleder - Opening Friday May 1st, 12-19, & Saturday May 2nd, 10-16

Andreas Golder - 100 kg Self-Esteem (Project room) - Opening Friday May 29th, 12-19

Mie Olise Kjærgaard - HYSTERIA - Opening Friday May 29, 12-19


Christian Achenbach - Isotopes - Opening August 7, 17-20

Anders Brinch - Dawn - Opening August 7, 17-20 (Project room) 

ENTER ART FAIR: 27.08.20 - 30.08.20

Jørgen Haugen Sørensen - Crowding at the Gate of Stupidity - Opening September 18, 17-20

Natasha Kissell - Through Hardships to the Stars - Opening September 18, 17-20 (Project room)

Fredrik Raddum - Joy of Sublimation - Opening October 30, 17-20

Morten Schelde - Ocean of Time - Opening November 27, 17-20




à 12.01.19: Jørgen Haugen Sørensen

David Minaří- - Now / No Nostalgia - Opening January 18, 17-20

ART HERNING: 01.02.19 - 03.02.19

Morten Schelde - Stages - Opening February 22, 17-20

Louise Hindsgavl - Becoming Undone - Opening April 5, 17-20

Henrik Saxgren - Tøndermarsken - Opening April 5, 17-20 (Project room)

MARKET ART FAIR, Stockholm: 12.04.19 - 14.04.19 - Mie Olise Kjærgaard: a solo presentation

ART BRUSSELS, Bruxelles: 25.04.19 - 28.04.19

Armin Boehm - North - Opening May 24, 17-20

COPENHAGEN PHOTO FESTIVAL: Per Morten Abrahamsen - Paper Flowers - 07.06.19 - 29.06.19


Erik A. Frandsen - The We-Machine - Opening August 16, 17-20

ENTER ART FAIR, COPENHAGEN: 29.08.19 - 01.09.19

Frank Fischer - Leaving London - Opening September 20, 17-20

Mie Olise Kjærgaard - Absolute Beginners - Opening September 20, 17-20 (project room)

Both Hands on the Wheel - A ceramics group show - Opening October 25, 17-20

Christian Lemmerz - Uriel - Opening November 22, 17-20




à 13.01.18: Christian Lemmerz - The Night is Large

Anders Brinch - Cosmic Machine - Opening January 19, 17-20

ART HERNING: 26.01.18 - 28.01.18

Per Morten Abrahamsen - Magnified - Opening March 2, 17-20

Frank Fischer - 'Henry Hudson' - Opening March 2, 17-20 (Project room)

Natasha Kissell - Then Dawns the Invisible - Opening April 6, 17-20

Carl Krull - Resonance - Opening April 6, 17-20 (Project Room)

MARKET ART FAIR, Stockholm - 12.04.18 - 15.04.18 - Louise Hindsgavl & Morten Schelde (with support from the Danish Arts Foundation)

Christian Achenbach - Kaleidoscope - Opening May 24, 17-20

COPENHAGEN PHOTO FESTIVAL: Balder Olrik - Outtakes - 08.06.18 - 28.06.18 (Project room)


Mie Olise Kjærgaard - News From Nowhere - Opening August 3, 17-20

CODE 3: 30.08.18 - 02.09.18

Fredrik Raddum - Bortenfor (or: outside the verge of liminal spaces) - Opening September 14, 17-20

Anders SCRMN Meisner - Modern Love - Opening October 26, 17-20

Jørgen Haugen Sørensen - De Uskyldige Skyldige - Opening November 30, 17-20

Morten B. Masri - Leaving Paintings - 30.11.18 - 20.12.18 (Project room)




Frank Fischer - Deciphering the Works of Michael Craig-Martin - Opening January 20, 17-19

ART HERNING: 27.01.17 - 29.01.17

Louise Hindsgavl - Fixed Ideas - Opening February 24, 17-20

MARKET ART FAIR - Erik A. Frandsen: 23.03.17 - 26.03.17

Balder Olrik - Under Reconstrcution - Opening April 7, 17-20

Henrik Saxgren - Ultima Thule - 09.05.17 - 24.05.17 (Project room)

Morten Schelde - Opening May 19, 17-20

COPENHAGEN PHOTO FESTIVAL: Morten Schelde - By the Lakes - 02.06.17 - 17.06.17 (Project room)


SPECIAL SUMMER EVENT: Anders Overgaard - Nothing Left Behind (Inside Burning Man) - 29.07.17 - 12.08.17


Erik A. Frandsen - New Works - Opening August 18, 17-20

CODE ART FAIR: 31.08.17 - 03.09.17

Russell Nachman - Drunks, Prophets, and Pieces of Shit - Opening October 13, 17-20 (Project room)

Armin Boehm, Christian Achenbach, Moritz Schleime - Aus Berlin - Opening October 13, 17-20

Christian Lemmerz - Opening November 24, 17-20

Introducing... David Minařík! - Opening November 24, 17-20 (Project room)




Lemmerz/Schelde/Fischer - The Continual Condition - Opening January 21, 16-19

Art Herning 2016, 29.01.16 - 31.01.16

Natasha Kissell - Army of Bones - Opening February 26, 17-20

Anders SCRMN Meisner - Under Distant Palm Trees - Opening April 8, 17-20

Fredrik Raddum - Uncover - Opening May 20, 17-20

COPENHAGEN PHOTO FESTIVAL: Per Morten Abrahamsen - X-RAY - 04.06.16-25.06.16 - Opening June 3, 17-19 (Project Room)



Jørgen Haugen Sørensen - A Dark Tale in White - Opening August 12, 17-20

CODE Art Fair 2016, 25.08.16 - 28.08.16

Erik A. Frandsen/Anders Brinch - Other rooms, louder noises - Opening September 16, 17-20

Henrik Saxgren - 76° N (Greenland from Above) - Opening October 21, 17-20

Group show - 1+1 - Opening November 25, 17-20

René Holm - Transition - Opening December 14, 16-18 (Project Room)




Selected Artists - Winter Group Show - Opening January 9

Anders SCRMN Meisner - 'Smalls - A series of 50 small paintings' - Bookrelease & opening January 16, 17-19 (Project Room)

ArtHerning 2015, 23.01.15 - 25.01.15

Per Morten Abrahamsen - The Lake - Opening February 20, 17-19

Frank Fischer - MyCy - Opening March 27, 17-19

Kölner Liste 2015, 15.04.15 - 19.04.15

Christian Lemmerz - Limbo - Opening May 9, 14-16

Art Miami New York 2015, 14.05.15 - 17.05.15

Scope Basel 2015, 18.06.15 - 21.06.15



Anders Brinch - Lineup - Opening August 7, 17-19

Erik A. Frandsen - Pilgrimage for an Armchair Explorer - Opening September 11, 17-20

Art Copenhagen 2015, 18.09.15 - 20.09.15

René Holm - Behind the Curtain - Opening October 23, 17-20

Jørgen Haugen Sørensen - Domino Effects: Drawings 2015 - Opening November 27, 17-20




Christian Lemmerz, Andante at Cisternerne in Copenhagen from 02.03.14 - 30.11.14

Anders 'Scrmn' Meisner - The World Was Weird - Opening August 8, 17-19

Copenhagen Art Week, 29.08.14 - 07.09.14

Art Copenhagen, 19.09.14 - 21.09.14

Natasha Kissel - Misty Blue - Opening September 26, 17-19

Fredrik Raddum - Cover Up - Opening October 17, 17-19

Anders Moseholm - Remember to Forget - Opening November 21, 17-19





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Wednesday, 11 September 2013 16:27

Jørgen Haugen Sørensen


Jørgen Haugen Sørensen (1934-2021) was one of Denmark's most esteemed and decorated sculptors. At the age of 15 he began a traineeship in pottery-making and two years later made his national debut at the prestigious Spring Exhibtion (“Forårsudstillingen”) at Charlottenborg.


Jørgen Haugen Sørensen’s artistic language has shifted and evolved throughout his career, but his production has always kept an abstract core within its diversity.

With his portfolio being dominated by various installations in bronze and clay throughout the 1960s, Haugen Sørensen made a transition into marble and granite in the 1970s, his style gradually shifting in colour scheme and format. As time went on his sculptures took on a darker and more cynical appearance, where the smoothness of the surface was brought to clash with a contemptuous and growling undertone.


The artist’s infamous stylistic expression encapsulates the cold and gloomy aspects of the human condition, where terms such as innocence and dignity are unknown.

Jørgen Haugen Sørensen exhibited widely in Denmark and abroad. He did countless commissions, redefined city spaces, squares and parks, erected enormous sculptures in capitals such as Seoul, Ankara and Rome, and decorated numerous official institutions - notably the Copenhagen Courthouse in 2013; a job that Thorvaldsen was initially given 200 years ago.

Sørensen exhibited with the KE (Kunsternes Efterårsudstilling), as a member of Decemberisterne from 1956-75, and with Grønningen from 1978-88.

Jørgen Haugen Sørensen was awarded the Eckersberg Medal in 1969 and the Thorvaldsen Medal in 1979; the highest national honor a Danish artist can achieve.





Available works



Large sculptures:



Smaller sculptures:











Selected works



Friday, 10 May 2013 07:17

Frank Fischer - Videos


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Sunday, 24 March 2013 19:46

Frank Fischer


FRANK FISCHER, Switzerland


Frank Fischer (b. 1974) holds a MFA from Chelsea College of Art and Design. He was born in Zurich, Switzerland and is currently based in London. In 2007 he was the winner of Jerwood Contemporary Painters.


Frank Fischer’s gloss-on-aluminium paintings present a highly charged linear surface of reductionist colour code, introducing a synthesis of technology, traditional study and a highly mastered process. Although his paintings have a sleek, almost clinically perfect appearance, the physicality and potentially chaotic aspect of his process are visible at the bottom of every work – with a row of stalactite-like dried drips, suspended at the edge of the stretcher.


Driven by his search for arresting colour ranges, Fischer explores the history of art and selects works purely based on the extent and order of their intrinsic colour spectrum. He then digitally processes the image and draws a selection line across the work just one pixel wide that samples the widest and most interesting colour palette.


The most interesting part is seeing other paintings with completely different eyes – I look at the colour bases for a good combination. And I always use the original title – it’s a trail or a clue for people to find out more.”


Fischer pays homage to his source-pieces by intersecting the most significant details of the work.


Say in a work like The Last Supper, I’ll want to take the line through the head of Jesus” Fischer points out.


Frank Fischer has exhibited broadly around the world. 




 Portrait of Frank Fischer, 2017




Available works:




Selected works

Sunday, 24 March 2013 19:41

Natasha Kissell


Natasha Kissell (b.1978) is an English painter, living in Brighton. She primarily paints with oil on canvas or aluminium.

Kissell’s paintings depict modernist architecture set in imaginative landscapes, which effuse aspiration and radiate wonderment. Whether it is a man-made structure or the delicate details of the natural world, her paintings act like beautiful utopian visions which reflect human solitude in a majestic nature. 

Inspired by Caspar David Friedrich’s romantic allegorical landscapes, among others, Kissell appropriates elements from eras of art history to depict her sublime realms. Reinventing traditional landscape painting, Kissell discloses whimsical and curious worlds. 

Her work was featured in 'No New Thing Under the Sun' at the Royal Academy at Art, London (2010) and she was also included in the exhibition 'Painting the Glass House: Artists Revisit Modern Architecture' in 2008 and 2009 at The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum, Connecticut, Yale School of Architecture Gallery, and Mills College Art Museum in California.





Available works





Selected works


Sunday, 24 March 2013 19:39

Fredrik Raddum





Fredrik Raddum (b. 1973) studied at The National Academy of Fine Art Oslo from 1997-2001. The Norwegian artist works with sculpture, installation, photo and performance and has exhibited at broadly since 1999.

Raddum's work is best described as tongue-in-cheek, humorous, and thought provoking. His works often feature animals, people, and elements culled from the Norwegian countryside and popular culture. Crafted from shiny, smooth materials, the works can at first glance appear like Pop art phantasms, but closer inspection reveals the motifs’ embedded seriousness with a sharp, socially indignant and satirical bite. Fredrik Raddum's use of materials and formal language is entirely unique: With his seemingly innocuous works he addresses existentialist and political themes with a vibrant sense of humour and a keen eye for the absurd. 

Raddum popularizes serious themes and embodies them in tragicomic animal and human figures that adapt a  cartoon-like expression. Clichés and icons are twisted into new settings and drop subtle hints encouraging one to think beyond the initial encounter.

Fredrik Raddum is represented at Statens Museum for Kunst, Copenhagen, and ARoS, Aarhus.







Available works



Selected works

Sunday, 24 March 2013 19:32

Anders SCRMN Meisner


Anders SCRMN Meisner (b. 1981) is a Danish visual artist, who currently lives and works in Copenhagen after having lived abroad throughout his twenties - mainly in Sevilla and Amsterdam, where he toured with a punk band and earned the moniker "SCRMN" for his eclectic vocals.



Whether it’s through large-scale collages made from newspaper and magazine clippings or his expressive paintings and drawings on paper, SCRMN manages to tell a story with each work. For SCRMN, narrative is a central component of his art, acting as both a source of inspiration and as something depicted through the finished product. SCRMN stresses his fascination with art’s openness to interpretation, and takes an interest in how an individual’s history and memories shape their perception of his art.


SCRMN has recently shifted away from his usual work with layered collages and paper drawings into working mainly with paint on canvases. This is a result of his desire to achieve constant artistic growth. Despite this venture into a new medium, his work continues to express his unique perspective as an artist, incorporating ornate designs, elements of humor and whimsy, and communication through symbolic motifs in imaginary scenery.   


SCRMN often refers to his own work as being contemporary cave painting, as they are “descriptive without being explanatory”. This can be seen in relation to SCRMN’s preoccupation with both science and history, including his fascination with the human anatomy as well as subjects like colonization, politics and nature.


SCRMN’S broad field of work, despite its constant evolution and shifts between mediums, is that of an artist whose desire to refine their craft remains a permanent fixture.


Aside from numerous censored exhibitions and international fairs, SCRMN has exhibited at Koldinghus Museum in Denmark, with AJG Contemporary in Sevilla, Francis Boeske Projects in Amsterdam and L'inlassable Galerie in both New York and Paris. MODERN LOVE will be SCRMN's fourth solo exhibition with Hans Alf Gallery.






Available works:



Selected works:

Monday, 04 March 2013 20:00

Current exhibitions









15.01.22 - 19.02.22


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